Situated on a cozy-corner of Lehigh Avenue between Philadelphia’s historic Port Richmond & Fishtown districts; Em’s Place was founded by Lance and Emily Bachmann to provide their family, friends, and the community they’ve known, grown up in and loved their whole lives with a spot to enjoy drinks, dining, and each other.
Em’s Place breaks the mold of your typical Philadelphia restaurant or bar, providing guests with a modern twist on the tasteful ambiance, mood, and a splash of the Roaring 20s.
We strive to create a memorable experience for the families of our community and invite you to get out of the house each weekend to bring the kids down for a delicious brunch!


To relentlessly pursue our guests’ unwavering satisfaction by providing them with a meal that is undeniably delicious, fresh, and creative. We will have fun and enjoy the craft we love. We will be innovative and forward-thinking, and we will embrace change, for it is our catalyst to longevity and prosperity. In this quest, we will remain professional, courteous, and helpful to our peers and our neighbors, and we will act responsibly in all of our affairs, both professional and personal.